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63: Josh Cobb: 8 Facebook Marketing Essentials For Real Estate Agents


Despite what some ‘social media gurus’ might tell you, Facebook is still the biggest and most popular social network by far. In fact, it’s also the most popular network among real estate professionals.

In our 2015 Real Estate Industry Social Media Marketing Report, we learnt that 87% of real estate professionals use Facebook to market their business. Yet, despite its widespread usage, many agents reported that their efforts aren’t as effective as they would like.Facebook is still the biggest and most popular social network by far. In this episode of Real Estate Pros, we'll explore 8 Facebook Marketing Essentials For Real Estate Agents. 

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62: Josh Cobb: Why Real Estate Agents Need To Think Like A Media Brand


Today’s real estate consumer is faced with invitation overload. Every company of every size, shape and description is asking your customers and potential customers to like them, follow them, click here to watch this video or download their amazing app – there’s a lot of noise and that creates a big challenge for all of us as marketing professionals.

The common misconception among some real estate professionals, is that the louder you shout, the better you’ll be heard – but in business today, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Today’s real estate consumer is faced with invitation overload from companies competing for their attention. In this episode of Real Estate Pros, we'll explore why real estate agents need to think like a media brand to gain more attention and earn more clients.


61: Steven Rozenberg: How An Airline Pilot Became A Real Estate Business Success Story


In this episode of Real Estate Pros, we're joined by Steven Rozenberg from Empire Industries LLC to hear the inspiring story of how this airline pilot became a real estate business success story. Steven shares with us his marketing strategies that have grown his business to 500 properties under management in just three years and they've built a thriving referral network - generating inbound leads and negating the need for prospecting or cold calling.

Steven Rozenberg is an airline pilot turned investor turned successful property manager and entrepreneur. In just three years, Steven’s business - Empire Industries LLC - has grown to 500 properties under management, won various national awards for marketing excellence and they have a thriving referral network. With no previous experience in the real estate industry, Steven’s results and dedication to the customer experience are nothing short of remarkable.

Steve has been involved in real estate since 2002. He has owned and helped manage a 39 unit apartment complex. He still personally owns over 31 homes today along with his business partner Pete. Steve is an airline pilot based in Houston, TX for a major airline and fly’s mostly international routes on the Boeing 787 airplane. Because of his background in aviation and working for such a large company, his knowledge and experience in processes and systems has helped play a vital role in making Empire Industries what it is today.

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60: Josh Cobb: A Revolutionary Marketing Strategy For 2016


In this episode of Real Estate ProsJosh Cobb shares a revolutionary marketing strategy to consider for your real estate business in 2016. According to the Digital Influence Index by Fleishman-Hillard, 89% of consumers use the internet to find information on products, services or companies prior to making a purchase decision. That means almost all of the people who have enquired about engaging you as a real estate professional have checked you out online - at one stage or another - before picking up the phone or sending that initial email...

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